Healing technology


Finding the path to healing technology has always been my lifelong dream and a calling goal. When I was a little girl I have always been interested in health issues. I always wanted to help people and affect their condition, wanted to improve their well-being, even when I knew nothing about medicine. I've heard stories about the amazing recovery happening to ordinary people and always wondered: How they did it?

As the years passed, I went to achieve my dream of becoming a doctor and graduated from Medical school in Russia. I worked as a doctor, but rigid medical system did not provide an answer to the question: What is the true cause of the disease? How can you help people to fully recover and protect their health?

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Continuing my spiritual and scientific research in Israel, I have mastered such interesting practices as Reiki, Kabbalistic medicine, Deep Touch. All these practices have taught me a lot and made it clear that the person is a whole universe and we have many paths to health and healing.

In 2010, I was fortunate to study a course of Infoterapy. Where I greatly enhanced my medical knowledge and discovered new ways to help people in health and social areas, family and interpersonal relationships. I changed my outlook on the world. The laws of the universe became more apparent. People conducting informational correction do not only find and remove  negative information from the human body, but also replace it with a positive program. It became possible to change person's view on what the problem is. Changing perceptions in health and social terms is very important, because subconsciously we can help ourselves solve many key problems. At the course of Dr.Temnikov led by O.Shnayderov-Detin, I learned about  Deta-Elice products for electro-magnetic therapy. I realized that this was the opportunity not just to find negative information on human's body or organ, but also by professional diagnostic device to precisely determine the location of the process and identify the cause of the disease. Usually to identify disease person must pass several blood tests and the ONLY prescribed treatment is antibiotic, which completely destroys the entire microflora of our body.

When using Deta-Elis equipment I can absolutely accurately diagnose the type of bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and parasites, that cause the desease. Then I assign the necessary healing program on the therapeutical device. The healing process goes with the help of the positive electro magnetic waves, without disturbing body's flora. This allows easily and painlessly kill and remove the parasites from the patient's systems.

Healing abilities of Infoterapy and Magnetic therapy are limitless and we are in the beginning of the journey!