Dr. G.Temnikov

Doctor Temnikov graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Tomsk Medical Institute in 1975.

 According to this date he works continuously in medical service . He specializes in therapeutic clinical medicine and psychotherapy. Infotherapy started from his student years, and the interest in it appeared even earlier, as his family has deep medical roots . Mother and father are doctors, older and younger brothers are also doctors, but if you count on the present and former relatives, the medical staff will be counted a dozen.

Common to think that the beginning of healing there is "God's gift" or put some "family secrets" that are passed on from generation to generation. Sure, it plays an important role in achieving positive results. But the first stimulus for public methods that can be mastered by anyone and without any extraordinary abilities, served as the official restrictions from his parents who were in the rigid framework of national health care. And, of course, a natural desire inherent only in youth: not just to continue medical dynasty, and overcome inhibitions, enhance in medical practice.

It all began with a passion for diagnostics. First contact with the patient developed in third-year of medical school, and the for future doctor it was not difficult to determine the location of the disease. Even before he touched the patient with hands,somewhere in the air Temnikov felt some signals, vibrations emanating from a specific area on patience body. Then, he pointed out accurately the localization of pathology and pain points, and ordinary palpation in minutes eased pain and improved person's condition. In the early years Temnikov was motivated by curiosity. He had a desire to find a subjective ability to diagnose the disease at bay. Then came the understanding that the first negative signals are read not only as a precursor of illness or misfortune, but the first people who had pathology.

So the doctor went as a student, but ... not for Medical Institute. Years have passed since the successful implementation of preventive work, and then Temnikov could apply to patients who fulfilled the "information prescriptions", and found in their high performance healing. A real opportunity to address the most severe incurable disease, which he held until the present time. Briefly tell the essence of the method, the removal of the negative information leads not only to the prevention of future disease and adverse events, and the elimination of deeply formed pathology.

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