Anna R.: Many thanks to Dr. Nadya from Anna R. Just like your name, you give hope to sick people for life, health and happiness. I came to you, probably like many others, had lost my hope because doctors suspected cancer. I came to you a month before a complex surgery  I had mt doubts but  hoped you could help me. The first thing you said to me after the test, there is no cancer, the surgery will be-laparoskopiya. Even though doctors warned that at first do a laparoscopy, and then to 95% polostnuyu. Nadyusha you treated me and spoke boldly-go, do not worry, I'll be with you, everything will be allright. A this was true. I felt you were next to me before and during the surgery, I was calm. Surgery was just like you said. Biopsy results have not yet received, but the doctor who operated, said then-no cancer!? On the second day after the surgery  I began to walk, on the third night I left hospital. Nadyusha thanks again for the help, support, for being  close and at any time  answering the call. I am very grateful for you.

M. Israel. The young woman was in a coma in hospital. Connected to the machine for artificial breathing. The reason for such a sharp turn off the body was not known. Doctors and relatives were at a loss. The patient was getting worse by the day. Initially, friends and family turned to me and asked to save a woman, a beautiful wife, and children's mother. Applying the method Infoterapy on the first level, I found out that patient has a severe energy strain (damage) and numerous death structures. I desperately fought for her life. And after 20 corrections on the first and the second level, the girl woke up and returned home. Doctors are still lost for words, since it is impossible to explain the cause of the disease as well as the process of recovery.

T.Kanada. I asked Nadya to look up visually my upcoming trip. Using the method of visualization of Infoterapy.  She looked through my trip and removed the negatives. As a result - the journey went smoothly and without hassles. I am very grateful to Nadia, she always helps me, takes care my friends in the diagnosis and treatment with Deta therapy. Thank you Doctor!

Clinical case number 1: In the evening, the phone rang. Worried woman said that is night already. Her father has high temperature, very sore right kidney and cloudy urine. Friend gave her my phone number and said that I can help. I made infotherapy correction, removing pain and temperature. Then made apparatus therapy, putting the necessary programs against inflammation, to dissolve stones and normalize kidney work. 2 hours later I received a report that the temperature is completely normal, the pain and the patient was doing well.

L.: In March 2012, in a state of physical and nervous exhaustion, I turned to Nadia for help. Diagnostics revealed the presence parasite, fungai and bacterial infection. Damage in bronc and lung system, malfunction of nervous system. Magnetic - resonance  therapy gave excellent results. General condition improved and I ceased uncontrolled eating of sweets. I returned to normal work.   Panic attacks and fears disappeared. These  are results I have seen in a short time. I do not know how to thank Nadia who has saved me from the gloom and the struggle with self.  Now I'm just glad I live and I can easily accept any stressful situation and can easily handle the stress. Love respect and appreciation.
V.61 Israel: In January of 2012 I felt pain in my chest, preventing me from breathing and sleeping well. I addressed this problem to the family doctor. He examined me and said that he didn't found anything. During April pains intensified, then following advice of friends, I went to electro-magnetic diagnosis at Dr.Nadya in Ashkelon. Doctor found the cause of pain and a lots of additional problems. I followed the treatment with the device therapy: Deta-AP and Deta-Rhythm. My live and mood changed for the better. After  successful treatment  my whole family undergone same diagnosis and then got help. I am very grateful to Dr. Nadia. and I want to say: Thank you very much and good health to you doctor, so you can continue helping people!