Diagnostics with "DETA-Professional"

The most complete range of options for the diagnosis and treatment is "Deta-Professional" device. With it you can perform diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

  • diagnostics and medical testing method R.Voll
  • diagnostics by H.Shimmelya (using the device for the vegetative resonance test "VEGA-TEST"),
  • electroacupuncture therapy (range 0.1 - 100 Hz - digital display with an accuracy of 0.01 Hz frequency, manual frequency setting - "rough - just" wave swing mode with the change of time pass over the range 0.5 - 3 minutes in a small range of frequencies and in all range, smooth Adjusts the intensity of therapy 0 - 300 V, all waveforms);
  • electromagnetic therapy antenna device of special design to enable a general and local therapy;
  • frequency deviation of the field therapy in a given range;
  • classic bioresonance therapy for F. Morell;
  • combined therapy;
  • switch leads.

"DETA-Professional" unique device - an assistant physician. The device has a self-sufficiency, doctor needs nothing else.